What is Steganography

Steganography is a technique used to hide data in a file, text, image, etc. Which means hiding a file in a different file, it could a secret message. The word steganography word combine the Greek words steganos which covered or protected and graphein mean writing.

How To Hide file from Command prompt In Windows

Steganography is a very old technique. It was used before the internet and computer, but now steganography has become a very advanced way to deliver secret messages or file and images through a computer. There are soo many tools and technique to hide and bind a file and image with a different file, But in this tutorial, I will show to a very basic way to hide a text in an image file with the help of your windows computer.
Download any image or use any image available in your computer and now open the command prompt and change the directory where the image is stored, You can type "dir" in your cmd to check the files When you are in the same directory where your image is stored type the following command.
echo " your message " >> image.jpg
You can see it in the image above. now your message is hidden inside the image, Now to see that hidden message open your image in any text editor like notepad or anything else and if you scroll down you can see the hidden message.

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