Proxy Server To surf the internet anonymously and hide your identity. The purpose of the Proxy Server is to access the block content from the internet, hide your identity and to save bandwidth.


Proxy Server is an intermediary server. Which work between the client and the destination server. The proxy takes the request and replies on behalf of the client. If you take it as a normal proxy server is like a waiter, he takes the order from the client and forward it to the kitchen and take the food and serve it to the client. In the example, the client wants to have food and wanted to order food from the kitchen, but he called the waiter and now the waiter will order the food from the kitchen for the client. now the person in the kitchen doesn't know who actually ordering the food, now the waiter takes the food and serves it to the client. 
As shown in the picture above proxy server takes the request from you and forward it to the internet on behalf of you, With that internet or any server doesn't know that you are sending that request.