What Is Malware ?

Malware is a malicious software that damages or disable the computer systems and control of the system to the malware creator. There is a myth between people that malware virus and worms etc are different but that's not completely true. Malware include Viruses, Worms, Trojans, RootKit, Backdoors, Botnets, Ransomware, Spyware, Adware, Scareware, Keyloggers etc. The work of malware differs to the creator and what types of malware it is. The basic work of malware is to delete files, slow down the system, spam, Hijacking the system, Encrypt the system for any reason, or to steal your passwords or information.

How Malware Get Into The System ?

Messaging Services

Messaging services are very popular like whatsapp, facebook messenger, Instagram etc. You get so many messages daily from everyone some are known and some people are unknown but people usually download the files from messaging services weather they know the sender or not. An image file with png or jpg format can be a malware and can be executed as soon as you download them without opening them. Email is also a very dangerous platform to send virus and its easy to send fake email with anyone name so it can be difficult to find the email is from the right person or not.


Hardware such as pendrive, cd drive, Hard disk can also be used to send malware. people are on habit that as soon as they plug the pendrive the or hard disk they open it and start transferring files but if attacker is smart and can create malware which can be executed as soon as the devices is plugged into the system without even opening any files.


Downloading files form the internet is very risky unless the website is good and trustworthy to download any files. Most of people download crack version of official application movies and games and operating systems etc. website where you are downloading these files may have attached a malware with that file or operating system you are finding without the official licence key is cracked by crackers and if he want he and install root kit inside the operating system while cracking the operating system file. it's never recommended to download such files.

Components Inside A Malware 

Malware creator create malware using the components that can help them to archive or reach their goals. So components are like this


Crypter refers to a software program that can conceal the existing of malware. Attacker use this software or technique to bypass the antivirus program..


It is a type of trojan that downlaod other trojan from any sources like internet or attacker. Attacker use downloader at their first trojan.


Dropper is a code which execute the malware and run it. attackers use dropper to silently run the the malware and become the undetected by the antivirus. it can also downaload files if it need to execute the malware.


Injector execute the malicious code to the other application running into the system and change the way of execution of malware and hide the malware with the help of other application.


Packer compress the size of malware and make the malware code unreadable format. packer use compression technique to pack the maware