In terms of classification manly, there are 3 types of hackers White Hat Hacker, Black Hat Hacker, Grey Hat Hacker. When we classify the hackers these are the hackers we all know bout that's not true there are so many other ways to classify the hacker and script kiddie is one of them which no one wants to be but somehow people who just started learning about cyber security or hacking ("both are same in some ways")  they become a script kiddie. I got messages about this topic on my Instagram and Twitter like they are a script kiddie but they don't want to be a script kiddie but somehow they became a script kiddie.

Why People Become A Script Kiddie?

A script kiddie is also a hacker but without the knowledge or half or less than half knowledge they just use tools which are created by a hacker and start hacking. People who just started or new in this field think from today they will start learning about hacking and next week they will become a hacker. Not all but almost and I was one of them. no but that's not possible you can't become an ethical hacker within a day or week it takes the time you need to learn and stay focus and most importantly learn the right thing. There are so many people on the internet claim that they are hackers so many WhatsApp group facebook group. are they really a hacker? No, they are just a script kiddie. I am not saying that everyone on the internet is or in facebook group is script kiddie but the reality is most of them are a script kiddie. People just start learning without any path or without any knowledge where to start is also a reason for being a script kiddie. Not having knowledge about programming languages. I saw so many people they want to become an ethical hacker but don't want to learn programming language just because they think it's hard or it's not relevant to hacking or something like that. But no you are not right as I mentioned script kiddie use tools which are created by someone else and available on the internet. to create your own tools you have code for that and for coding you have to learn programming language.

How To Stop Yourself From Being A Script Kiddie?

Don't use tools which are already created by other hackers or by anyone. Now you will think that everyone uses those tools like if you use Kali and to hack wifi everyone use aircrack-ng. But not usnig that tool means don't use them without knowledge you know the command of any particular tools but just ask how they work, what these commands you are using are doing. Learn about tools on how they work rather than just using it with the help of google or youtube.

Learn programming languages with the help of coding only you can create your own tools to hack. without programming language, you can't code. Just don't think that programming is not required for hacking. any learn programming languages.

Don't be so exited. Most of the people start learning about hacking any they found some tools while learning and stop learning and start using tool just to hack someone accounts, phones, pc, etc. firstly it's illegal to hack someone and without knowledge of hacking just using these tools you will expose yourself and you will be in jail. That's why I always say stay focus.

Just stay away from Promotion. This is one of the mistake i did in my earlier time. Don't try to show of on social media like you are an hacker you can hack anyone, be aware of me and the most funny thing people post picture or update their bio with "i am part of anonymous hacking group. so Don't do this kind if thing which will help you for sure.