In Modern technology where we are talking about Wireless Communication, you should know some basic terms used in wireless communication. In a wireless network, data is transmitted by electromagnetic waves to carry the signal to the communication path.

  • Bandwidth 
Bandwidth refers to the amount of information that can be broadcast at a time over the network.
In simple terms, bandwidth means the data transfer rate. Bandwidth is measured in bits per second.

The mac address of an access point (AP) or any base station which has set up a Basic Service Set (BSS) is called Basic Service Set Identifier (BSSID). What is BSS or Basic Service Set?
BSS is Used by the devices like Access Point When we move the devices from one place to another BSS is changed of that device because of change in variation.

  • Access Point
The access point is a communication device used to connect wireless devices through a wired and wireless network. it allows Wireless communication devices to use wireless standards and help to connect to the network with WIFI and BLUETOOTH.

  • Hotspot
Hotspot refers to the wireless network or WIFI where user can connect to the wifi network for internet access.

  • SSID
SSID or Service Set Identifier is a 32 character alphanumeric unique number. Which is given to the WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) to help identify the network. Devices Which are connecting to the same WLAN should have the same SSID.

  • GSM
GSM is a universal system used in mobile for wireless communication

MIMO-OFDM or multiple input multiple outputs - orthogonal frequency division multiplexing is a spectrum used in 4G and 5G wireless communication. This technique reduces the interference between two frequency.