Social engineering is a form of techniques which help hacker to manipulate to download some malware or login to a phishing website. an end result of this attack is you are hacked.

How Social Engineering Attack work

Most of Social Engineering Attack work with Email. For example if a hacker want to hack to someone hacker will go through every process to find the information about the target first. then if he manage to find the email address of the target now the hacker will use social engineering technique. The hacker will send an email to victim and will try to manipulate him or convince him to download a file from any site or from the attachment with email or he will convince the victim to login to any website (phishing site). In most case the hacker try to send an spoof email with name of the victim friend or any company so that victim feel secure to download the particular file or open the website which is a phishing link.

How To Be Safe From Social Engineering Attack

  • Don't download any attachment from an email specially from an unknown email.
  • Before downloading or visiting any site through email make sure that email is genuine and it is from the right person not a spoof email.
  • find the server of that email.
if you open your google mail inbox and click on detail it will show you the name of the mail server from where the email is send and compare it with real email.if you got an email from your friend then mail server must be (if the sender has sent email through gmail not from yahoo or microsoft