What is Man In The Middle Attack?

Man in the middle attack is very powerful attack where an attacker can capture the data between you and your server even can sniff the data if the data is not encrypted or encryption is weak not only that if an attacker wants he can manipulate the data. So basically its a very dangerous attack.

How Man In The Middle Attack Work?

 Man In The Middle is only possible when you can intercept between two devices. In normal Communication when you visit any website a connection is established between you and the server. but in man in the middle attack when you visit any website your request will not be sent to the server every request from your computer will be sent to hacker and if hacker want to send that request to the server then only your request will be sent to the server and same when server is giving you the result for your search that result will be sent to the hacker first and if data is not encrypted he can read it and if the hacker wants he can send you the wrong result like phishing website or any malware or backdoor.