How hacker hack accounts
what is hacker and how hackers hack accounts.

When we say hackers only things comes to our mind is person who try to hack everyone like your social media accounts, bank accounts and your personal details etc. But that is not correct. A hackers is that person who is very skillful and creative who is expert in computers, hardware and computer network and many more things. There are mainly three types of hackers.

  1. White hat hackers - A white hat hacker is computer security specialist who break the system with permission of the owner. And find vulnerabilities into the system and fix that vulnerabilities before someone finds it and exploit it. In simple terms a white hat hackers is a good person who use his skills to protect everyone from malicious hackers or black hat hackers. white hat hackers find vulnerabilities to fix them not to exploit them.
  2. Black hat hackers - A black hat hacker is very well know. The one who find the vulnerabilities into the system and exploit them. Black hat hacker use his skill to harm people. Most of computer viruses, worms and malware are created by black hat hackers. Its illegal to hack any system and exploit them with any intention.
  3. Grey hat hackers - A grey hat hacker is a mixture of both white hat hacker and black hat hackers. A grey hat hacker try to violate the laws and hack the computer system without permission but not with malicious intent like black hat hacker. Grey hat hackers finds vulnerabilities into the system without permission like black hat hackers but instead of exploiting them like black hat hacker he inform about them to the system admin about that vulnerabilities. so they can fix it.
How hackers try to hack your accounts
  1. Brute Force Attack
  2. Dictionary Attack
  3. Phishing Attack
  4. Evil Twin Attack 
  5. Keyloggers
  6. Social Engineering