If you want to start a career in cyber security or just new to cyber security and already learning about cyber security then you would already know that programming play an important role in cyber security. but if you don't know how to start a career in cyber security you can read my previous blog i have explained everything about it. I have also said that you should learn programming language to start your career in cyber security. There are around 256 programming languages available in the world. If you want to learn programming for cyber security then you should learn almost every language or have some kind of knowledge but in reality its not possible to learn all programming language so try to take some knowledge for programming language which is not so popular because if you want to become a bug bounty then you have to learn every programming language. so try to learn every programming language.
Which programming language you should learn as an ethical hacker. If you don't know anything about programming and coding then you should learn C++ programming language because C++ is very easy and will teach you everything about programming like what is syntax, variable and every terms used in programming but if you are not ready to code for language like C++ and start coding with markup language HTMl which is very easy to learn and understand once you complete the Html and learn CSS after all that you should start learning programming language  like C++. Once you have Knowledge about C++ then go for python. Python is very popular and most trending programming language and it's very easy even if you are beginner but if you already know about C++ then it will help you to learn PYTHON more easily. Now you know soo many thing about programming language now you can start learning  any programming language like JAVA, JAVA SCRIPT, PHP, RUBY, C#, SQL etc. You should learn shell scripting which is very good for cyber security. Once you know about python then learn about SOCKET PYTHON which will help you to create your own hacking tool in python and it is must for hackers.