When people want to make career in cyber security they don't know where to start When to start. If you are interested in cyber security then this article will help you be become an ethical hacker and start a career in cyber security. This is my personal experience so whatever i am telling you maybe not 100% right or may on work in you case.
Before you start learning Hacking or plan to do think one more time why you want become an hacker and you are 100% sure that you can do it. Now if you are sure and want to start a career in cyber security. First thing you should do is find where you stand and what you know about hacking.
if you are currently studying in 10th standard or below then make sure you try to learn basic of computer now you will think at this age everyone know basic of computers but that is for who doesn't want to make career in cyber security learn everything about computer like hardware knowledge networking knowledge programming and try to learn ever topic which is related to tech whether it is related to hacking or not. Now how to learn all these things you can learn from any classes or do any computer course (advance which teach you everything not very basic like is keyboard this is monitor) but i will recommend you to learn this thing from books when you learn from book it help you to do troubleshooting and fix that trouble. After learning all this stuff now try to learn different operating system like linux (kali linux, parrot , ubuntu etc) windows mac android iphone etc. Learning os doesn't mean how to use them Try to learn how they work which kernal it has and many more thing. make your self comfortable with linux which is helpful for hacking and used by hackers. and after learning these operating systems learn about servers like windows server linux server. try to get certified with mircrosoft server 2012 and 2016 and for linux server get certified with red hat and about learning these server you have same options book or any course online or offline.

Now have cleared everything now you can start learn hacking. Now you have two option to learn ethical hacking either by ec council or by offensive security they both give Ethical Hacking certificate which are valid all around the world. Now you can check their website and think which is good for you on the basis of what they provide what are the course outline how they teach.
Many people take both the certification they both are different and both will teach you so many
same thing and different thing so i will suggest you to do both.

Now you are certified for hacking but that doesn't mean you are hacker even after certified there are so many thing which no one will teach you try to learn every day read books and desire to learn should never die.

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 if you want to learn new and different or want more certified you can go with Comptia A+ network security linux and many more certificate and if you want to certified in networking go with cisco ccna. there are so many certification exam try to crack their exam which will help you to expand you knowledge.

If you are already passed out 10th standard and even more than that and planned late that you want to do cyber security and go with same steps from above.

So many people get confused if you are learning these thing why they should go to college and planned to drop out from college or not to go college after school then i will suggest you to don't do that college will help you to learn some programming language and networking and some extra thing which you might no be able to learn from outside or by self study

if you have already drop out from college or not doing college then first go with Comptia A+ and network certification and for networking you can go with cisco too.

If you have queries or question related to hacking comment down below or message me on my social media account.