How password is cracked ?

When its come to password cracking.There are two methods 
  1. Brute Force Attack
  2. Dictionary Attack
    • Brute Force Attack - In Brute Force attack attacker use every possible words on victim accounts. For example the attacker want to crack password for a particular account. As always the first step is information gathering. Now attacker will find the every single detail about the victim. Now the Attacker will try the every possible word on the victim for password cracking. like A to Z and sign (@ # $ etc).In most case people use passwords from 8 to 14 or 15 character so attacker will create every possible words from 8 to 14/15 character.  Now because of every possible words this attack is very slow. sometime it take more than 1 year or decade. everything depends on how strong victim password is.
    • Dictionary Attack -  In Dictionary attack the attacker will guess the password of the victim and create a word list which will contain all the possible password for the victim. for password guessing the attacker need so many information about the target. in real world scenario most of people use password as their birth date, name, nick name, of something like that. Now this attack is on the basis of guessing this attack could be a failure. its all depend on your word list and victim password.

How To Be Safe From This Attack 

The only way to be safe from this attack is use a strong password. Your password should at least 13 character with the combination of capital letter, small letter, symbols.